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I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me - Phil 4:13

Alaya L. Poole

Who would have estimated my breakthrough? Upon May 18th 2018, I, Alaya Poole will be officially acknowledged as a Alumna of Winston Salem State University, acquiring a Bachelor’s degree in Biology with a concentration in Biotechnology. The elation springs from my bones, when I calculate the sleepless nights, maximized work hours, and conquering school to it’s entirety. Through the fluctuations of the science program I have developed a nit for commissioning in cutting edge research. I quickly developed discipline and determination to learn the fundamentals of laboratory mechanisms to challenge high intellect research. There were several times when I felt a depth intuition to give up my rightful path to success, hence with the support of God, my family, fellow peers, and various professors I found the willingness to prosper for long term goal. Overwhelmed with energy to advance in life, I plan to continue my education by attaining a master’s in molecular biology, to adjust into an occupation of a research scientist in Biotechnology. My passion derives from the inquisitive thoughts that science formulates and leaves unanswered. By sequestering molecular research, I believe life can be declared a result of a mass innovation cycle. Thank You to Winston Salem State University and staff for the support on a granted stepping stone!

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